Moving from Loneliness, Anger and Even Violence to a Life Designed for Connection and Joy

There are more people living alone than at any time in history, and more depression than ever recorded. Violence to ourselves and each other continues to cast long shadows across generations.  We are fragmented individually, and collectively to the point of vile speech and hate crimes based on false divisions. How do we heal?

Christine starts with her own story - traversing continents and walks of life in search of the answers to questions such as: Why do I feel alone in a room full of people? Do others feel this way? Why are people mean, or violent to each other? Is that reversible? How do we make more love and less conflict happen? Can we make a world that works better for all of us?

She finds in her search that all kinds of replicable miracles happen when we put connection first.


“Christine was an integral part of my personal growth and her work in the world is beautiful and profound. I have always experienced her as a dynamic balance of head and heart. Her heart is gorgeous and compassionate and full of abundant love while her mind is able to untangle and reshape complex intellectual and scientific theories. Her stories are stunning and her recommendations for how we meet some of our biggest world challenges deserve consideration.”

"Think On the Road but with a gorgeous female protagonist. This book is a truly great read. It inspired me in so many ways, to travel, to adventure, to be a better human being. I am not a sheltered person, but parts of this books truly shocked me; the author is incredibly brave and self-reflective, and not afraid to experiment, look at flaws (internal and external) and to grow. There is certainly a positive message in this book but its not a "feel good" story. It has guts."