Christine is a partner in the Innovation and Growth Services firm, Milsal McCaull.   As a serial venture-backed technology CEO,  long-time entrepreneur and founder,  corporate executive and mother to a big family and yogi,  she became interested in how the world of work and life might be designed better, to create more consciousness and joy.   She is a convener and hostess in the Bay Area and New York, curator of  TEDxSanFrancisco, LoveSpringSF, Die Quelle (an ideation salon),  and various music events.

Christine investigates meta-frameworks and thinking on organizational leadership, personal leadership, rapid cycle life optimization, habit change and  parenting.

Her writing investigates how we can break down the false barriers (institutional, cultural and personal) that separate us, and create a new model for living together, despite race, or gender, or class, or religion, or any other world view that would have separate.   On the non-profit side, she works on non-violence and restoration with the Insight-Out Prison Project,  The Institute for Non-Violent Evolution, and in the yoga communities on gender reconciliation.

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