We’ve been visioning a place to gather people to share ideas and experiences. A place where people can come to grow as individuals, in their relationships, and to experiment with community and living on the land. It is manifesting! We closed on a beautiful piece of land on the beautiful Island of Hawai’i today, with hundreds of mature fruit and nut trees and a 1/4 mile of ocean views. We hope that you will be part of this adventure! We are looking forward to hosting incredible programming, garden and movement experiences and more in 2018. We will be sharing the story of the development of the project as it goes along.

Kaimu in Hawaiian means “gathering by the sea”, and in Japanese, it means “Ocean Dream.” It is also in the original name of the homestead we purchased.

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the powers at work in the universe, and the connection between the outer world (the macrocosm) and man’s inner world (the microcosm). The mandala is regarded as a place that is set-aside from suffering, a place of nirvana and peace. The heart of the mandala is populated by deities and buddhas. In psychology, the mandala represents the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.

To step into the Mandala is to be set aside. To be in a place to share ideas and experiences. To grow your self, your relationships, and your community.

To more love, more connection. XO