Our inner lives create our outer structures. Every choice we make evolves the world.

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Psychological First Aid, Disguised as Art

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Spring Fitness and Mindfulness Reboot

Spring Fitness and Mindfulness Reboot

Sundari Farm and Gardens,Kalapana,Hawaii
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Join us on the Big Island: 2 daily fitness classes with Edwin Vertus Daily yoga with Christine Meditation and Mindfullness Practices 3 Vegan Meals daily (Raw and Detox Option) Fresh coconuts Beach and hiking outings Community dance Shared accommodations Limited to 12 guests Optional massage with local providers Ceremony Held at the beautiful Sundari Gardens. Fly into Hilo (ITO) on Friday the 2nd, Dinner served…

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03 April 2021

About Christine

Christine works to bring more joy and less suffering alive in the world. She’s a yogi; speaker; author; the founder of Rosebud Woman (an intimate wellness line); the cofounder of New Earth Mandala (a meditation retreat, farm and garden); a mom and grandmother. Her prior work as a tech CEO, and then as a technology futurist, has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species: where do we go next in our psycho-emotional and spiritual lives that will make a more coherent, congruent and whole world for everyone.
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Coretta Scott King: Activist

Coretta Scott King (1927-2006) Much of the current #MLK day recognition is due to the work of his wife, Coretta. She was an activist in her own right, and made numerous contributions to the struggle for social justice and human rights throughout her life, around the world. She saw herself as King’s coworker, in addition to the role of wife.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said

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King and Rustin

Internal Ground: Dr. King’s Philosophical and Spiritual Influences

If you’re going to sustain your activism over a long period of time, amidst great challenges, it helps to have a strong philosophical and spiritual base for your actions. The fellowship of truth seekers, friends and allies who support the strengthening of your inner life, undergird the work. It was no different for Dr. King. His faith story is a rich mixture of his early

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Ecological Self-Realization: The Power of “I Am Nature”

Enchantment  We humans live on earth thanks to a wondrous combination of circumstances. First, the earth’s molten core creates the perfect gravitational pull so that we have an atmosphere. Without the core being exactly as it is, the atmosphere would sublimate into space (as it did on Mars, when that planet’s core cooled). The atmosphere also protects us from the wild violence of space: the

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