When we attune to the sacred, everything just works better. And that is a practice.

Bending The Bow

How Ordinary People Spark Visionary Social Movements

Humanity is on a centuries-long trajectory towards sovereignty and self-determination for all beings. This evolution is based on the conviction that all life is sacred, that all beings are interconnected, and that a better world for each person is possible. But it is not an easy road. Big shifts disrupt the status quo, and can awaken fear and resistance. All great social change requires visionaries: brave and outspoken leaders who can stay committed, stable, supple and joyful while working towards great social change.

Bending the Bow tells the stories of early activists in eight of the great social movements- people far ahead of the general population in their ability to sense a needed change. Christine highlights the common attributes, beliefs and skills these people possessed. It looks at the underlying structures that helped their visions to achieve lift-off

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POSTPONED due to COVID19- Spring Self Care Reboot

POSTPONED due to COVID19- Spring Self Care Reboot

Join me and John Shiva at our home retreat, Sundari Farm and Gardens, for a Spring Self Care Reboot

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03 April 2020

About Christine

Christine works to bring more joy and less suffering alive in the world. She’s a yogi; speaker; author; the founder of Rosebud Woman (an intimate wellness line); the cofounder of New Earth Mandala (a meditation retreat, farm and garden); a mom and grandmother. Her prior work as a tech CEO, and then as a technology futurist, has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species: where do we go next in our psycho-emotional and spiritual lives that will make a more coherent, congruent and whole world for everyone.
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Transmission  A concurrent virus spread rapidly across the planet. Its symptoms included a sudden awareness of the interconnected nature of earth as habitat, supply chain, a unified organism. Infected people became conscious of how the things we thought of as unchangeable reality were just passive buy-ins to social agreements they didn’t like much anyway. They worked in quarantine, from home—where families and lovers cared for

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Stan Grof, and a Primer on Holotropic Breathwork

“A safe and effective way of using one’s own breath to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness.” In 2018, a reporter for Yoga Journal committed to do a videotaped short session of Holotropic Breathwork – something she had never tried before. The video begins with her relaxing comfortably on the floor under a blanket and wearing an eye mask. One can see the quick rise and

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Meditation for My Beloved

This 9 minute meditation for a spouse, lover, partner or beloved is being released as a Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s meant to be used any time. It’s part of a prescription thought series: meditation, invocation and affirmative incantation. It’s best done laying down, for multiple days in a row. Here is the download, it’s free, just enter your email to receive a download link:

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