💕 Pluripotent Pleasure Principle 💕

I was at Metta Yoga for a sweaty deep practice and the room felt so amazing and I thought “in a yoga studio with devoted practitioners is my absolute favorite place to be”.

But then, I was walking in the woods with the intoxicating scent of bay laurel and redwoods and wet duff and I thought “walking in the woods in northern California after the first rain is my absolute favorite place to be”.

And then we were lounging, doing a comedy bit complete with accents and LOLs all warm and intertwined, and I thought “being in bed doing accents is my absolute favorite place to be”… and then it continued like that…. in the kitchen pinching and sprinkling and stirring is my favorite place to be. Putting a rose latte down in front of a guest; singing mantra with my beloved friends and strangers; being in the sunrise garden at Sundari, loving on the plants; being in the lab making new formulas; putting color and lines on paper and watching the shape emerge, talking to people for the podcast, exploring new places and meeting new people anywhere in the world…all my favorite place to be.

This is the frequency of pleasure. I get SO much more done in this frequency…feels timeless and fluid.

Where do I not like to be: In the frequency of complaint or fear, in any space of comparison, wearing high heels, at “networking” events, shopping, any form of doing that is distracted from this material embodied world or real relationship. Doing anything in google analytics or whatever. Anything related to compliance. In any recurring loop of unmediated relational bullshit.

And because these are also part of modern life, I reframe them and learn these skills to do these things better— to make them APAP. As pleasurable as possible.

With pleasure, I offer my unreserved whole heart and all the gifts I have been given in service of life, love anf liberation.


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