10 Simple Sustainability Things Europeans do That Americans Can Copy

10 Simple Sustainability Things Europeans do That Americans Can Copy

Checkout Bikes in Paris, Summer, 2009
Checkout Bikes in Paris, Summer, 2009

1) Walk and Bike almost everywhere, no matter what your age–at 60, 70, 80.

2) Buy small refrigerators and freezers and purchase only what you need to fill them.

3) Use drying racks instead of dryers.

4) Turn down the heat and snuggle up under super soft comforters- and also feel the refreshing quality of cool air, or the way your body responds to heat and don’t resist it.

5) Use solar everywhere- on 200 year old farms and new housing starts.

6) Rethink nuclear power.

7) Get most of your fruits,vegetables, flowers and eggs at Farmer’s Markets (here, every Wednesday and Friday)- don’t view it as an outing, but as a shopping habit.

8) Buy less stuff, and use what you buy for more years.

9) Take the train.

10) Always compost- put it in the “biotonne”.

And, for balance, what not to do:

1) Drive up to 200 kph

2) Wrap every freaking thing in unrecyclable plastic

3) Move as quickly as you can to copy the US consumption habits!


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