2020/2021 Topics

Let’s talk about doong a needle-moving powerful program together. This year, I’m offering talks on pieces contained in “The Invitation”, on women, sensuality, self love and shifting cultural gender structures and on work contained in “Bending the Bow”, on activists and creating great movements.

  • A Woman’s Vedanta: Non-Dualism and Getting Things Done (Talk)
  • Powering the Pelvis: Strength and Receptivity (Asana)
  • Daily Self Love: Intimate Self Care and the Restoration of the Feminine
  • Restoring the World: The Yin Principles (Asana and Talk)
  • Emergence: Free Your Natural Creativity and Power (Movement, Talk)
  • Desire is an Oracle (Experience, Meditation, Talk)
  • Self Love and the Shameless Body (Asana, Experience, Talk)
  • The Inquiry Experience (***highly interactive!***)
  • Full Presence: Stepping Into Power (Movement, Talk)
  • The Brave Arc: Learning from Great Activists (Movement, Talk)
  • Exquisite Attention: Enhanced Sensuality & Intimacy through Awareness (Meditation, Movement, Experience, Talk)
  • Being the Connectome: Living from a Connected Mindset (Experience, Talk)

I present in an interactive format. Topics can be delivered as 5 minute interstitial breathers, to hour long classes. For many of these topics, they can be integrated with targeted movement and breathing classes to form full length, impactful workshops

What Attendees Say

Individual sovereignty is a spiritual matter. While we are born into nation states, we belong to the earth, inherently valuable, intelligent, beautiful and free.
-Bending the Bow
At some point you have to choose between safety and sovereignty. You can't be a man or woman in full while cowering from those in power.
-Bending the Bow
Great change agents come to terms with the possibility of their own premature death. This changes the way they lead.
-Bending the Bow
Every charismatic activist is surrounded by 4 to 6 key insiders, all filling predictable roles. It's this pod that makes a movement; noone does it alone.
-Bending the Bow