Online Schedule for TEDx San Francisco IV: The Edge of What We Know

On November 16th,  the San Francisco TED community will explore the Edge of What We Know in many dimensions- the physical and the conceptual, the artistic and the unconscious.    Our hope is that people leave inspired and curious, asking the questions: What do I know?  How do I know this?  What don’t I know?  And maybe even leave more comfortable in saying I don’t know…. with all the humility that brings, and inquiry it invites.

From deepest space to the forest floor, from governance to money, from our internal “edges” to communal outreach, join these phenomenal speakers for an inspiring afternoon and evening.

Join us online at, starting at 4 pm Pacific Time, for the free web simulcast:

Jason Johnson/Welcome 4:00
Christine McCaull/The Edge of What We Know 4:02
Juan Enriquez/Strange Tales of Chiapas 4:05
Dr. Alex Filippenko/Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe 4:23
Dr. Brian Fisher 4:42
TED VIDEO: David Gallo on the Underwater World 5:03
Colin Wiel/ EcoReserve: conserving a fragmenting planet one inch at a time 5:09
Tony Deifell/ Seeing Beyond Sight 5:18
Jaron Lanier/ You Are Not a Gadget 5:26
Kevin Kelly/What Technology Wants 5:45
Molly Fisk/Poet 6:04
Kids Rock the Rebuild 6:37
Curt Smith/ Into the Deep and Over the Edge 6:43
Julia Query/ 10 Ten Cold Minutes on the Edge of Reality 7:02
Dr. Ed Moses/ Synthetic Stars- the Future of Energy 7:21
John Kohler/ Moving Money:  The New Coin 7:40
Ozomatli/At the Edge of Urban Identity + Music 8:03
End 8:25

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