Samantha Sleeper appointed President, Rosebud Woman (not the official announcement, the heart based musing version)

When I was starting Rosebud, I sat in Samantha’s Brooklyn kitchen and we debated formulas, need, voice, packaging and design. She was teaching at Parsons at the time and running digital marketing for a company in Chicago, and making gorgeous sustainable luxury wedding gowns sold globally, and mothering Mason. As Rosebud grew she got more involved…then when the pandemic happened and the need for ceremonial dress went into deep freeze, she came to RBW full time, and in that time has made such an incredible impact on operations. In the last year alone, she’s run our physical operations, built a fulfillment team, run our digital acquisition, engaged Meta on algorithmic bias- and a hundred other things (eg, she’s personally shot all of our product images, invented limited edition offers, created great alliances and done live events). As a result, our team entered 2023 profitable and growing. There are many magical and enchanting things about our eldest daughter that I won’t go into here- because this post is about thanking and congratulating her as ally in creating, this colleague part of her- how she is focused, clear, protective, inventive, values-aligned. She is someone who asks questions like “what can we do with what we have?” and “what’s the best choice for our long term health?” before grasping for more. This emotional maturity and ease is one of my favorite things about working with her, and her laugh, and her fiscal sobriety. It’s a rare combination.

Samantha was appointed President of Rosebud on January 2, 2023.

I feel lucky to have her clear and bright leadership through all the challenges of building and growing. Our entire team is behind her in this next era.

So, Congrats and thank you, ‘Mantha 🥳, and thank you, on behalf of the whole Rosebud Team

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