Christine Marie Mason

Mission Statement

In my work, I investigate how our inner beliefs relate to our material reality; at the places where technology and invention meet the human body and human systems. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve wondered why systems weren’t set up to allow women to own their time so that we can be more focused mothers yet still express our full intellectual and executive capacity. Because of this systemic challenge, I shifted from having an employee mindset to a founder mindset to create a culture of work that matched my values and the authentic rhythms and cycles of the day.

In recent years, my prior work as a technology founder, CEO, and futurist has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species. We have remarkable technologies, but they pose more of a risk than a promise in many ways. Because of this, I consider my work now as that of a qualitative futurist. I’m curious where we will go next in our psycho-emotional and spiritual lives so that we can make a more coherent, harmonious, and whole world for everyone. 

Through this approach, I work to bring more joy and less suffering in the world, starting with helping people better integrate their brains, hearts, and bodies, hoping that this work extends out into family and cultural systems. Through my companies, books, media projects, and in-person experiences, my work invites exploration into the future of humanity’s rich inner terrain, how we can all wake up to our true nature, and design a world that is more pleasurable and just. 


Christine Marie



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