Imagine how a view of the world as abundant, interwoven and ensouled would shift our reality.

This perspective is common to Advaita Vedanta, quantum physics, many (if not all) indigenous worldviews, Shaivist tantra, Tamil Siddhant, and mystics everywhere across all space and time- including many of those in the spiritual and poetic traditions of the west. My grandfather, Everett, a country mystic, was in full possession of this awareness.

Through this lens we remember the underlying oneness, while also living in a state of wonder at and reverence for the diversity of material reality. We see our bodies, our work, everything as wholly holy. We see that everything is alive, that we are nature and made of the planet, that plants and animals are our allies, that all life is relationship.

I work to bring this message of deep acceptance, love and kinship alive non-abstractly in many ways:

  • First, through how I am in the world, in my actions and energies and relationships, as a parent, friend and colleague. 
  • Through Sundari (our off-grid community on the big island of Hawai’i)
  • Through two active companies, Rosebud Woman (offering plant-based holistic intimate care products) and Radiant Farms (offering legal psychoactives for health and wellness).
  • Through my writing and books (where we reach over 80,000 people over email week. In late 2023, I started a Substack, please join me there. )
  • Through the weekly podcast The Rose Woman on Love and Liberation, which is now in the top 5% worldwide (according to ListenScore), and available on all platforms.

I often speak, on integrating the body and spirit, expanding consciousness, stepping into your potent sacred sexuality, living lit up and radiant in midlife and building business from a holon perspective. I host other artists at events in California and Hawai’i, teach a deep Bhakti yoga, lead chant and blessing ceremonies, and host celebratory and healing events with friends worldwide.

We as individuals aren’t our politics, or our upbringing, or the standards of society: we are processes in the mind of creation, a continuation of life’s infinite ingenuity, breathed into being by the atmosphere and the earth herself.  We are the culmination of evolutionary intelligence up until now, containing all of our ancestors inside of us. From the stars to our mothers and fathers, it’s all embedded in our core code.

We are, at this precise moment, collectively invited to a massive upgrade to our individual and collective consciousness, and to wake up to our true nature. The time has come to integrate the past and bring the best possible future into reality, as individuals and together.

Please join me in this movement from the story of struggle and conflict, to a steady state of happiness, relatedness, potency and possibility. 


Christine Marie


I’d love to hear from you!

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