I work to bring more joy and less suffering alive in the world, starting on the inside of the self and extending into families and cultural systems.
About 30 times a year, I lead groups into all kinds of rich inner terrain and interpersonal inquiry, which are usually pretty fun and always impactful. The places where our inner freedom meets our outer capacity is especially interesting. I also write on these kinds of questions, on consciousness and yoga and nondualism and waking up to our deepest nature. My books include Indivisible, Bending the Bow, The Invitation, Love in the Face of Everything, Twisted and the upcoming 9 Lives of Women. I often join people on their podcasts, or just write on what’s coming up in my field of vision to prompt conversation. You might find some music and meditations and affirmation and poems on here, too.
I'm currently the founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman, an intimate wellness line that invites a new conversation about women, women’s bodies, self-care and power. I’m also the cofounder of New Earth Mandala, a meditation retreat, farm and garden on Hawai’i. My prior work as a tech CEO and technology futurist has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species: we have amazing technologies, but in the unloving and divisive hearts and hands they pose more risk than promise. I consider my work now as being a qualitative futurist: where do we go next in our psycho-emotional and spiritual lives that will make a more coherent, congruent and whole world for everyone.
I hope to see you in person, and in the meantime, if you’re interested in being part of my newsletter, or joining an online conversation, please do.
Love, Christine Marie

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"I wanted to let you know that when you came to speak at San Quentin, you had a huge impact on my life and sent me on a great trajectory to come home and live the most restorative life that I can."- PM