Adventures in Embodied Truth with WomanSpeak founder KC Baker


Welcome to today’s episode where we are joined by KC Baker founder of WomanSpeak, an international organization of women’s speaking circles around the world. She’s a women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer and a speechwriter. Throughout this episode, KC shares her journey and unique approach to supporting women in finding their authentic power, connecting to their divine essence, and overcoming shame, fear, and self-doubt.

She has spoken and taught her unique body of work at the United Nations in Switzerland, was an advisor on Authentic Communication for Senator Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and has supported women in speaking on stages like TED, Bioneers, the American Heart Association, Wisdom 2.0, and Emerging Women. She is also a mama, a stewardess of sacred land in Sedona Arizona, and a deep lover of nature. 

If you’re looking for ways to connect to your feminine wisdom, enhance your self-expression, and step into your authentic power, then you won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation with KC Baker.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is the origin story of WomanSpeak?
  • What is the difference between KC’s approach and traditional public speaking coaching?
  • The caress of breath practice
  • The primal fear of being seen and finding internal safety
  • What is fertile listening?
  • The evolution of WomanSpeak through the years
  • Sample of a typical local group session
  • The velvet flow and female Qi Gong explained
  • KC’s present projects and initiatives
  • How are we related as an individual and as a collective?


Helpful links:

  • KC Baker – Founder of WomanSpeak. Check out her instagram @Kc.baker and Facebook @kcbaker007
  • Come experience Velvet Flow: a sensual movement and Feminine Qi Gong class with KC Baker weekly online and also in person in Scottsdale/Phoenix! 
Cultivate a nervous system that feels like velvet and open to greater vitality, well-being, radiant beauty,  and authentic confidence.
Velvet Flow weekly classes. Inquire here.
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