April 11, 2023


When you prostrate yourself to the poppies

When you sing your hymn with the running sap

When you are baptized by the spring rain, when it flows onto your crown and runs over your eyes and onto your lips and tongue, and after you taste it

Speak the truth to your body, saying:

I too am the dream of life

My blood is love

My bones are starstuff

My muscle and flesh made from milk and corn

My heart from apple and honey

I am the emanation of desire

I am the sound of eternity

I am sunlight turned to matter

My home planet is breathing me right now

I am kin with all creation at all scales and distances

I am sustained by a billion others

I give and receive in equal measure

I belong

Say further:

Now I am connected

Now I am enfolded

Now I am flowing

I know myself as part of the mystery


When you kneel and raise your palms to the sky

When you lean your head back and offer your vulnerable heart

When you bow to touch your forehead to meet the creatures of the black soil

Pray like this:

May I keep my inner eye open

May my deep heart be always turned to these truths

Even as my other senses engage the world

May I do all my works in trust and love

May my thoughts my words and my actions

All be a thank you to the One

PS, for context…. I was meditating last week and I asked for guidance. In response I had an audible instruction to get out of the way and be a clear channel.

So, I asked her Saturday, and each this week, what she wanted to say through me. This was today’s response. All of the things that are coming through align to this.

Love, C


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