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Forbes, Christine Discusses Sensing Woman, September, 2022

In so many ways, body or biology is destiny. If we’re born in a female body, it is central to our daily lives, from what opportunities we are offered to what we earn. Consciously and subconsciously, we navigate our cycles, sexuality, mating, threats of violence, pregnancy risks, bearing, and motherhood – with all of the joys and concerns they bring.

The biological reality of life in a woman’s body is that our inner organs and reproductive choices are being legislated, and that we live with personal and structural constraints that harm us and limit our safety. We want that destiny to be better for ourselves and our descendants, both male and female. More freedom, and more ease. With the recent incursions into personal liberties from extremist political and religious operatives, it’s more obvious than ever that we need a change of mind and heart. 


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