Bearing Witness Series : Clergy Sexual Abuse with Sandy Phillips Kirkham

Continuing on to the Bearing Witness series, Listen in as Sandy Phillips Kirkham, author of “Let Me Prey Upon You: Breaking Free from a Minister’s Sexual Abuse.” shares her story of how she was targeted, groomed, and sexually abused by her youth pastor at the age of sixteen. Sandy successfully concealed her abuse for twenty-seven years until a trigger forced her to face the truth. She will talk about what led up to the abuse, the aftermath, and her journey of #healing and giving support to other victims. We hope that her courage and strength inspire you.



In this episode, we cover:

  • Sandy’s story
  • What do #grooming and #gaslighting look like?
  • Her #support after leaving the #church
  • #Coverup in the Baptist church and their response to the victims’ #trauma
  • How did the women in her church respond to her trauma? 
  • How can the #healing start and where can victims get support?



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