Bearing Witness Series: Our Bodies, Their Battlefield with Christina Lamb

Joining us today for the third part of the #BearingWitnessSeries is Bestselling Author and Award-winning journalist Christina Lamb, she is one of Britain’s leading foreign correspondent. She has reported from most of the world’s war hotspots starting with #Afghanistan. Her latest book “Our Bodies, Their Battlefields”, highlights the treatment of women in #war and she speaks to survivors across four continents.

In her book, she has given voice to women who have been victims of war crimes, exposing how in modern warfare rape is used by armies, terrorists and militias as a weapon to humiliate, terrify and carry out ethnic cleansing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Wartime #sexualviolence convictions
  • How women are treated after war
  • Healing systems that worked for victims
  • The rape in #UkraineChristina on listening to their stories
  • What is the response from the readers?

  • The #healing timeframe

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