Bearing Witness Series: Religion and the Feminine

For this month, we will be doing a series called “Bearing Witness” where we dive deep into sexual abuse around the world that causes religious & war trauma, shame, exploitation, and irreplaceable damage to the lives of millions of people. Host Christine Mason will be sharing excerpts and her thoughts on the origins of the early church from Margot Anand’s book, “The Art of Sexual Magic”.


We invite you to tune in next week as Christine sits down with Sandy Kirkham, a brave survivor who had shed light on years of mental, and sexual abuse she experienced. She was targeted and groomed at sixteen for sexual services by a married youth minister, and then when she asked for help, she was blamed and ex-communicated. Sandy also directs us to all of the many organizations helping people to leave abusive sects, heal from clergy abuse, and reclaim spirit for themselves. 


Another episode in this series is an interview with one of Britain’s leading foreign correspondents, bestselling author, and inspirational speaker, Christina Lamb OBE, her groundbreaking book Our Bodies, Their Battlefields, What War Does to Women.  she gives voice to women in conflict, exposing how in modern warfare rape is used by armies, terrorists, and militias as a weapon to humiliate, terrify and carry out ethnic cleansing. She will also share with us some stories about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 


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