New! Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life

by Christine Marie Mason 

Reverence is a worldview; a way of approaching life with wonder, care, gratitude, and respect. In this vibrant, full-color, 210-page hardback book, Christine Mason offers an accessible guide to do exactly that: to reconnect with the wonder of life through the long-held powers of ritual and ceremony.

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Creating Ritual in Modern Life

The Invitation: Daily Care For Your Intimate Self

A manifesto of body love for women, and a meditation on the connection between the attitudes about the sensual and sexual body and human cultural systems.

The Nine Gifts

Psychological First Aid, Disguised as Art

Front Cover Indivisible

Indivisible: Coming Home to True Connection

If you've ever wondered why we are separate, alone or disconnected, this book is for you. Part autobiography, part science, part cultural tourism, 100% immersive.

Body Love: A Companion Journal to The Invitation

Let us make friends with our bodies once and for all.

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