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Bending the Bow

How Ordinary People Spark
Visionary Social Movements

by Christine Marie Mason

If you want to be inspired, informed and encouraged on how we as a human species advance toward freedom and sovereignty for all beings, this book is for you.

Humanity is on a centuries-long trajectory towards sovereignty and self-determination for all beings. This evolution is based on the conviction that all life is sacred, that all beings are interconnected, and that a better world for each person is possible. But it is not an easy road. Big shifts disrupt the status quo, and can awaken fear and resistance. All great social change requires visionaries: brave and outspoken leaders who can stay committed, stable, supple and joyful while working towards great social change. Bending the Bow tells the stories of early activists in eight of the great social movements- people far ahead of the general population in their ability to sense a needed change. Christine highlights the common attributes, beliefs and skills these people possessed. It looks at the underlying structures that helped their visions to achieve lift-off.

Individual sovereignty is a spiritual matter. While we are born into nation states, we belong to the earth, inherently valuable, intelligent, beautiful and free.
-Bending the Bow
At some point you have to choose between safety and sovereignty. You can't be a man or woman in full while cowering from those in power.
-Bending the Bow
Great change agents come to terms with the possibility of their own premature death. This changes the way they lead.
-Bending the Bow
Every charismatic activist is surrounded by 4 to 6 key insiders, all filling predictable roles. It's this pod that makes a movement; noone does it alone.
-Bending the Bow
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