Love in the Face of Everything

A Poetry Anthology

by Christine Marie Mason

A Poetry Anthology

9 new American poets and writers on Love. 

O humans, with your weak wills and short memories, your world seems to be careening off again into cruelty and injustice, as if you are drawn to making drama out of plenty, as if you subconsciously yearn for your own demise. We would like to remind you of love. Knee-buckling, heart-seizing, breath-sucking love. Protective love. Wistful love. The hum of commitment, the slap of dismissal, the mournful night cry of longing. Pale yellow love. Crimson love. Night blooming Jasmine White Love. Fertile Cedar Soil Love. Perennial love. Shallow rooted wildflower love. The love of a thing, of god, a child of your loins or not, the world at large. Here is our offering. These poems are arranged in a deliberate order, but you can just open anywhere and see what comes. The authors speak in classic form and prosepoem gushing. Read them all, or read the ones that call you in. Then write your own love poem. Send it back to us. Bring our eyes to your beauties. Adjust our lenses. Show us another ray of the one true light.

Dedicated to the next 7 generations. May we love enough to prepare the way for you.
-Love in the Face of Everything


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