Social Justice

The 9 Lives of Woman Sensual, Sexual and Reproductive Stages from Birth to 100

Rising, Radiant, Resilient, Again, Again.

Hello everyone, As I gather myself together after three months on the road, settling into my little goatshed/cabin at Sundari to write, I find the theme of rebirth and resilience keeps coming up. No matter what, love

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The Spirituality of Returning us to Earth

The Spirituality Returning Us to Earth

A Global Celebratory Movement Emerges from the Corpse of Dogmatic Religiosity The Gypset. Neo-hippies. The Vibe Tribe. Whatever you call them, they are gathering across the world: Tulum, Ubud, Puna, Crestone, Amherst, Ashville, Goa, Cortez,

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There is no war here.

There is no war here. It is peaceful and the birds are singing their morning joy. There is no evident religion in the form of special clothes or symbols or signifiers, although there are some

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Join Us: Stop Sexual Health Censorship 

What is Intimacy Justice? Last fall, many of you joined us at Sensing Woman, our 5-day event to benefit women’s health education and legislation- with 50 visual artists, musicians, and speakers. We discussed censorship, shame,

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Structured Love is Within Our Capacity

Dear Rose Woman Community, It’s #pridemonth, where we bring some focused attention to human sexuality and gender diversity, with a focus on LGBTQIA* rights, where we might question and redefine what the culture previously considered

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Samantha Sleeper appointed President, Rosebud Woman (not the official announcement, the heart based musing version) When I was starting Rosebud, I sat in Samantha’s Brooklyn kitchen and we debated formulas, need, voice, packaging and design.

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Mayor of NYC

No Shame: Mayor of NY says Clitoral Stimulation

New York Mayor Eric Adams: “We can talk about erectile dysfunction but not clitoral stimulation…Something is wrong.” He continued, “We would have a lot more research and care options for women’s health if we weren’t

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“I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter…because I’ve been to the mountaintop…. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life…. But I’m not

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