Social Justice

Love Mind and #Charlottesville

Were you as disturbed by the recent Charlottesville violence as I was? Here’s a 3 minute sermon as response. —- We are one body with all other bodies and the earth and the sky and

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Let Our Love Be Our Fuel

What place does my walking in the woods or diving in the ocean or dancing all night have in a time of crises? What place does exuberant lovemaking and singing with all our heart have

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Human Violence tied to Scarcity

Lethal Violence Tied to Resource Scarcity

Did civilization cause human violence, or did civilization diminish it? Were less complex societies more peaceful and harmonious, or did civilization save us from a brutish, violent existence? The fossil record on this has generally

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Tongue like a sharp knife kills

The High Cost of Parental Verbal Abuse

“You’re gonna get it, boy!” “This kid just won’t listen.” “If you don’t come, I’ll just leave you here, how does that sound?” “I am so exhausted/sick/broke, because of you.” “Oh, is little baby needs

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Managing Anger as a Spiritual Practice

Transforming Anger as a Spiritual Practice

This post, adapted, originally appeared in New Age Journal. (Material in italics is adapted from Indivisible: Coming Home to Deep Connection) When I was a younger woman, working an intense job, raising children, trying to

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