Women and Culture

Spaciousness: Yin Principles in Self and Culture

For a long time in U.S. culture, the yang principle—dominance over nature, competition between ourselves, unbridled growth at all costs—has been winning. It’s “go-go-go,” all the time. Overly yang systems tax our nervous systems, adrenal

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Glow Talk, a conversation with Katie Fogarty

Ready to treat yourself with more reverence and love? Show Snapshot: Meet Christine Marie Mason, the founder of Rosebud Woman, a line of luxury, plant-based intimate wellness products. A former software CEO and six-time tech

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Femicide and the Right to Be

Every person has the right to be, regardless of their particular kind of embodiment. I was about to send out a newsletter focusing on pleasure and peace, and then the killings in Georgia happened. So

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