Women and Culture

I’m having one of those weeks where every new fact I learn about female embodiment, sex and reproduction blows my mind. If I had known this stuff as I came of age or when I

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Samantha Sleeper appointed President, Rosebud Woman (not the official announcement, the heart based musing version) When I was starting Rosebud, I sat in Samantha’s Brooklyn kitchen and we debated formulas, need, voice, packaging and design.

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February 3, 2023

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Pope woke up one day with a download from god, telling him to name an equal female counterpart immediately? He calls her in, an elder abbess. Together they declare

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Systemic Problems Aren’t Personal Defects

Hello Rose People,  I’m around people who are talking about sexuality, women’s health and menopause a lot of the time, and sometimes I begin to think that the work we’re involved in at Rosebud Woman

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ArtSpiel, Interview on Sensing Woman, September, 2022

Reprint from ArtSpiel: Sensing Woman is a multisensory event taking place at C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, for five days and four nights of Art by 50 contemporary visual artists, along with conversation, storytelling and music –

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Oblates of the Virgin

At the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a Catholic Church in Boston, the #altar is a radiant #vagina that holds the light of the world. Finally a symbol I can bow in reverence too, one

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body reconciliation

Body Reconciliation

Working on body reconciliation takes many forms: remembering yourself as nature, restoring the goddess to your cosmology, seeing the body as perfect and naturally arising, releasing programmed shame around perceived inadequacies or sexuality or body

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Closing Day

On the closing day of Sensing Woman, I double parked and walked into the gallery, where the artists in the show were packing up their sold work, greeting their collectors, and reclaiming other pieces. Michelle

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