Mysticism and Nondualism

Tropical Flowers at New Earth Mandala
Inner Freedom


There’s no exemption from loss or heartache if you have a human body, unless you steel yourself to such a degree as to not feel—or choose to live like an astronaut out in spiritual space,

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Mystic Heart of Easter: Sunday (4/4)

Relationship between the soul and the body. Womb or Tomb. Spiral or Cross. Forgiveness. Commission. General banter and waiting room: 0-7:50 Warm ups (Stretch and Pranayama): 7:50 to 21:15 The Story and Questions for the

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Cognitive and Personal Liberty

Stan Grof, and a Primer on Holotropic Breathwork

“A safe and effective way of using one’s own breath to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness.” In 2018, a reporter for Yoga Journal committed to do a videotaped short session of Holotropic Breathwork – something

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