announcing! the rose woman

the rose woman podcast begins! Hello! I’m so happy to be launching a  pod for Rosebud Woman! The. show, the rose woman, explores living liberated in a female body. I invite you into a weekly

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Effort, or evanesce?

We can do the same actions with completely different energies: whistle while we wash the car or grit our teeth the whole time. Our no can be soft or rigid- both are “no”, but they

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Being Naked, At Long Last Free

When I was a little thing my parents would release us naked onto the beach like most European children and we would clamber over rocks and play in the shore waters for hours. There was

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Tropical Flowers at New Earth Mandala


There’s no exemption from loss or heartache if you have a human body, unless you steel yourself to such a degree as to not feel—or choose to live like an astronaut out in spiritual space,

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Christine at Verishop (4/20)

As part of her work with Rosebud Woman, Christine was interviewed for the Verishop blog. ” Shame around sexuality impacts women’s physical health.” “When Mason began practicing yoga in her mid-30s, she was introduced to

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Mystic Heart of Easter: Sunday (4/4)

Relationship between the soul and the body. Womb or Tomb. Spiral or Cross. Forgiveness. Commission. General banter and waiting room: 0-7:50 Warm ups (Stretch and Pranayama): 7:50 to 21:15 The Story and Questions for the

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Mystic Spring Practice (3/4): Saturday

Opening: 0 to 1:29; Stretch and Breathe: 1:30 to 5:02; The Story and Meditation Prompts: 5:03 to 10:00 Opening: 0 to 1:29 Adam, I just wanted to tell you that the first text I opened

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Mystic Spring (2/4) Good Friday

Practice 2 of four consecutive days for Easter. Gathering of friends for holy weekend practice. Seeds for meditation: Standing in the face of injustice. Forgiveness. Mercy. Psalms. The million deaths, the infinite rebirth. Meditation: communing

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Christine Marie Mason Tree Toad Farm Spring Blossoms Adam Bauer

Mystic Spring (1/4) Thursday

Gathering of friends for holy weekend practice. Seeds for meditation: Some thoughts on passover, easter, the mystic christ- what these stories hold for us as interspiritual, interbeings. Meditation: communing and listening. Conversation and close. Opening:

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