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The Murmuration

2019. It’s a Friday night, and we’re wiggling around in the final throes of soundcheck and setup, in a generously sized hall off of Union Square in New York City. The walls are red-orange, the warm

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The Spirituality of Returning us to Earth

The Spirituality Returning Us to Earth

A Global Celebratory Movement Emerges from the Corpse of Dogmatic Religiosity The Gypset. Neo-hippies. The Vibe Tribe. Whatever you call them, they are gathering across the world: Tulum, Ubud, Puna, Crestone, Amherst, Ashville, Goa, Cortez,

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Gridding the Planet with Peace

Gridding the planet with the capacity to be peace. What can we hold. What is here right now. — There is a stunning lavender sunrise with a fat full moon hovering over the city. In

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Oblates of the Virgin

At the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, a Catholic Church in Boston, the #altar is a radiant #vagina that holds the light of the world. Finally a symbol I can bow in reverence too, one

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Intimacy with the Real

Presence is intimacy with the real. Being present is literally not being anywhere else. Not being in the past or the future, not being in your thoughts or imagination or story, not being numb, or

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travel altar

Travel Altars

Packing now and the last thing into the suitcase is my #travelaltar, little reminders to ground in the timeless no matter where I am: bits of earth, threads of lineage, tiny wisdoms, connection, good mood.

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Spaciousness: Yin Principles in Self and Culture

For a long time in U.S. culture, the yang principle—dominance over nature, competition between ourselves, unbridled growth at all costs—has been winning. It’s “go-go-go,” all the time. Overly yang systems tax our nervous systems, adrenal

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