Spaciousness: Yin Principles in Self and Culture

For a long time in U.S. culture, the yang principle—dominance over nature, competition between ourselves, unbridled growth at all costs—has been winning. It’s “go-go-go,” all the time. Overly yang systems tax our nervous systems, adrenal

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Effort, or evanesce?

We can do the same actions with completely different energies: whistle while we wash the car or grit our teeth the whole time. Our no can be soft or rigid- both are “no”, but they

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Mystic Heart of Easter: Sunday (4/4)

Relationship between the soul and the body. Womb or Tomb. Spiral or Cross. Forgiveness. Commission. General banter and waiting room: 0-7:50 Warm ups (Stretch and Pranayama): 7:50 to 21:15 The Story and Questions for the

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Mystic Spring Practice (3/4): Saturday

Opening: 0 to 1:29; Stretch and Breathe: 1:30 to 5:02; The Story and Meditation Prompts: 5:03 to 10:00 Opening: 0 to 1:29 Adam, I just wanted to tell you that the first text I opened

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Mystic Spring (2/4) Good Friday

Practice 2 of four consecutive days for Easter. Gathering of friends for holy weekend practice. Seeds for meditation: Standing in the face of injustice. Forgiveness. Mercy. Psalms. The million deaths, the infinite rebirth. Meditation: communing

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Christine Marie Mason Tree Toad Farm Spring Blossoms Adam Bauer

Mystic Spring (1/4) Thursday

Gathering of friends for holy weekend practice. Seeds for meditation: Some thoughts on passover, easter, the mystic christ- what these stories hold for us as interspiritual, interbeings. Meditation: communing and listening. Conversation and close. Opening:

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