Kundalini Tantra with Christine Marie Mason

Kundalini Tantra is an ancient art of harnessing inner energy for self-discovery, profound intimacy, and spiritual awakening. In honor of sexual health awareness month, we return to our roots- we talk tantra, love, sex, the

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Doing it Right: Blissipline, Discipline, Dogma

Join Christine in this solo episode as she discusses “blisscipline” (joyful discipline) and the harmful transformation of discipline into dogma. Listen in and learn about the importance of breaking free from oppressive environments and belief

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Join Us: Stop Sexual Health Censorship 

What is Intimacy Justice? Last fall, many of you joined us at Sensing Woman, our 5-day event to benefit women’s health education and legislation- with 50 visual artists, musicians, and speakers. We discussed censorship, shame,

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