Changing our concept of divinity will change our reality.

Changing our concept of divinity will change our reality.

The idea of god as a wrathful being that picks sides has been used to justify wars and terror for thousands of years, especially when followers believe they are upholding God’s will or establishing dominion over perceived adversaries. This is wrong and outdated and is the source of so much unnecessary suffering.

Exclusive truth claims (that one way is the only path to salvation) inherently marginalize other beliefs and breed intolerance and violent confrontations aimed at either converting or suppressing. End-of-times narratives make this worse – people who perceive themselves as players in a cosmic battle between good and evil, seem to justify violent actions as part of some imagined greater divine plan.

Um no.

All war is a failure. All violence is failure. It’s a failure of understanding. It’s a failure to understand that what we do to others we do to our own, it’s a failure of diplomacy, it’s the ultimate disrespect of life.

I’m against separatist religions and further reject all doctrines of salvation, heaven, hell, and original sin, having seen the present, interconnected fabric of life, this stunning given reality, this incredible abundant perfect earth…..it’s the truest blasphemy to harm life.

Yes, many “religious” wars have underlying economic, political, or territorial motivations, with religion merely acting as a mobilizing force. The human propensity for “ingroup vs. outgroup” dynamics exists beyond just religion, seen in nationalism, tribalism, or even sports rivalries. But hey, smiting is biblical, not from Adam Smith.

I know quite a bit about #violence, collective trauma and separation. In our human ignorance we perpetuate the cycles for the next generation every time we choose violence. We inflict it on our own children.

Ahimsa, First Do No Harm, Do Not Kill.

For all those who are suffering, I am so sorry.

And also, may it end with us.

Changing our concept of divinity will change our reality. Embrace an integrated earth and energetic based concept of the mystic, inclusive and unifying. No more grapes of wrath, it’s not our future.


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