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“Which three-character traits do you think were most instrumental to your success?”
The first quality is what I will call “pulling down the future”. All the world that exists once did not exist; it was invented in some way. When we envision a thing that doesn’t yet exist, and see it fully formed, that is the first step in birthing a new world. I saw Rosebud Woman in my mind’s eye long before I made the first product. Today, I see a future world where all people know and love their bodies, are celebrated in their sexuality, and respected throughout their lifecycles. When a vision happens inside of enough people, the world changes.
The second quality is the willingness to ask questions and to continuously learn. If I don’t know how to do something well, I am good at finding the best people who are good at that thing. Our chemist for example, filled in my formulation gaps and made a beautiful product suite for us.
The third thing is uplifting others. I am completely and utterly dependent on the magnificent gifts of this earth and the talents, work, and gifts of other people, so I make it a point of finding and naming their strengths and celebrating them. As a bonus, it feels good to live that way.

“What Are the Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Powerful Woman?”
1/Physical Energy: Establish habits and rituals that help you feel fully alive. Invest a little time learning how to nourish yourself for optimum bioavailable nutrients, exercise enough to feel clear minded and have good stamina, have good sleep habits, and digital hygiene. I recommend Tiffany Shlain’s book 24/6 for more on reclaiming your life from the digital sphere. And make space to try new things- both for your brain health, and to be reminded of the wonder and enchantment available in this life.
2/ Clear Passions, Values and Priorities: You must know your why in this world, and what you hold dear. Whether it’s a mission driven business, a creative endeavor or relationship there will always be people who are trying to pull or push you from your base, especially if you’re good at what you do: put first things first. I have found that behaving in this way, you magnetize aligned people into your projects. When you’re juggling economics and production values, this will be challenged in new ways: I must know that I stand for sustainability, clean ingredients and effective making to combat the temptations of lower costs, for example.
3/Real Friends! I have a group of women friends who call each other sisters. Everyone’s a business owner, with households to run and committed love relationships. When we gather it’s usually a weekend at someone’s house or a rental place, and we show ourselves in our vulnerabilities, outrageousness, ambitions, worries, doubts, and griefs. We make time and space for our friends and create a long-standing community that supports each other’s mutual, multi-dimensional growth. Everyone needs a stable base of belonging outside of work and outside of the dynamics of family systems.
4/ Bravery. Once my son took me skiing and wanted me to ski in powder through some trees to a lookout point- I was terrified and found it hard to move. He advised me to take a big breath, yell out loud, “I’m so scared, and I’m doing it anyway!” And then take a single turn. I did a half dozen of those before getting a rhythm, and then things were fine. Stepping out of your comfort zone, whether it’s skiing or meeting new people, making big asks… these aren’t always easy. Sometimes we need to take a big gulp of air and do it anyway.
5/ Honesty, or Amor Fati. You must be willing to look at where you’re really at in life and in work, and accept where you’re at, in order to get to the desired destination. Edward Viljoen put it this way: if you are using GPS and put in the wrong starting point, the guidance will be just plain wrong. Our best future lies in honesty that propels true growth, even if it’s momentarily uncomfortable.


“What helps you achieve equilibrium between your work life and personal life?”
Habits and rituals are key to sustaining calm in a chaotic life. I found yoga and meditation at 32, and made that the center of my self care, starting the day with these techniques to keep the body strong and limber, calm the nervous system. And a lot of time in nature, as much as possible.
@Authority Magazine asked our founder, “How much of an emphasis do you place on your appearance? Do you see beauty as something that is superficial, or is it something that has inherent value for a leader in a public context?”
I walk in the beauty way as much as possible: order, cleanliness, exuberant color, texture, art, detail, scent, comfort, brightness. You can read about that in Reverence, the book that came out in December of 2021. In my embodiment I care for my appearance with respect, and I invest in my health and beauty. The simplest things don’t cost me anything: I don’t drink or smoke, I eat vegetarian or vegan (I’m what I call a “Qualitarian”- just eating good toxin free food). I do breathwork and meditate, dance, and sing at some point every day, and have enthusiastic sex- all that stuff brings oxygen and plenty of feel-good hormone flushes- and that all lends radiance to the system. I use organic, plant-based face and body products, and get regular services like facials and nail care, I wash my hair twice a week (once at home and, if I’m feeling flush, once at a salon with a blowout where I can hang with the ladies). I don’t really do much doctor stuff, other than the dentist and the dermatologist, but I do massage and herbal supplements. I still practice yoga, hike, swim, and ski. I feel energized, happy, shiny, and good about myself. Who I am in the world is directly impacted by that? I will never be the model type, that’s not my joy or my jam, but being appealing is part of my presence in the world

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