The Nine Gifts: A First Aid Kit for Mind, Body and Spirit

For mental health awareness day, Jeff and I are offering a free digital download of our book, which we think of as  a field guide for flourishing, filled with strategies for tapping into the natural upliftments built into our human biology.

We already have everything we need to live lives of harmony, happiness, and joy—an inner “first aid kit” of simple and instantaneous ways we can shift, and lift, our state of being. We hope you enjoy these many proven interventions for greater well-being. The Nine Gifts is filled with gems of wisdom, artistry, and playful exercises we’ve collected from highly activated people around the world.

You can also order a hard copy of this full color book here– it makes it easier to put it on your bedside table, on your desk, or anywhere within reach— and open up to any page for inspiration-on-demand.

To your peace, joy and well being,



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