Effort, or evanesce?

We can do the same actions with completely different energies: whistle while we wash the car or grit our teeth the whole time. Our no can be soft or rigid- both are “no”, but they leave different imprints inside of us.

As we become more aware of the always-present humming center of our being, the indwelling perfection, the big battery of life, pulsing with light….we begin to radiate this out into all the things we do.

We change the baby in the light, we do the books in the light, we run our businesses with the light. It all becomes play.

The light might fill us up, down to our feet, out to the edges, in an instant! Or it might hit blocks in the body- places where memory and trauma and collective wounding might have made us numb. As we melt those blocks, let a little light it here and there, learn some new communication skills, we might notice that more and more of the tasks we do every day have the feeling tone of a light heart. It’s more fun. AND the work still gets done.

This is possible.

The number one way to access is: Sit in silence. Regulate your breathing. Open the crown. Listen. 20 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day. Start anywhere you can. Who are you?

The second best way: tune into your body and start to feel it. Move your body simply and organically, go into nature, move slowly and notice the numb parts and the habituated parts. Who are you?

To the light and spark in you. You are nature.

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