announcing! the rose woman

the rose woman podcast begins!


Hello! I’m so happy to be launching a  pod for Rosebud Woman! The. show, the rose woman, explores living liberated in a female body.

I invite you into a weekly deep dive into how we can live with more freedom, impact and joy. On the show, I talks with a wide variety of experts and inspirers- from doctors to therapists, artists to founders- to help all of us know and love our bodies more, and to discover more freedom, joy and power in our lives. It’s meant to be provocative, uplifting, inspiring, educational, poetic and wide ranging!

Starting guests include:
  • Dr. Janeane Anderson- Talking Sex with Your Doctor Challenges After Trauma, and for BIPOC Women
  • Gina PellBeing Perennial: Secrets to Curiosity
  • Dr. Sunny Rodgers- Bringing back the Play: Turned on Relationship
  • Dr. Somi Javaid- Getting the Right Medical Care
  • Lisa Betts-LaCroix- Artful Aging
Please come and subscribe- you can find the show on Spotify, or iHeartRadio, or wherever your favorite podcasts are found. And follow me on Instagram @xtinemmm, or follow @RosebudWoman for show reminders.
Thank you!
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