Every drawer, every closet, every broken thing.

For the past week, we’ve been looking hard at the things that fill our spaces and our thoughts. We then put every stuffed animal, every outgrown princess dress, every read-once hardcover book and seen-once DVD, every pair of 12 year old girl not quite right pair of jeans, every extra lamp and shelf and chair, every lego in a big pile. Then, we had a garage GIVE- set up a shelter in front of the house, hung signs, and made a karma wish exchange plan- and everything was free for the taking.

I cannot tell you how much fun it was. One small girl, maybe 4, had just been reunited with her mother after 2 years apart- she held her shoulder bag open and went “shopping”- for ballet clothes and dolls and warm things. Her grin was ear to ear. We did the same at the office- electronics, paper files, office supplies.

The next step was to repair all broken things. Each nail hit was stewardship.

How does it feel to unblock this stored energy? MAGNIFICENT. So free, so light, so healthy. It lets us focus on the things we do have that we want at the center, it lets us focus on experiences and connection and the miracle of being alive.

This is the power of letting go of what you don’t need. Infinite space for the things you do, and someone’s huge smile as you transfer your energy to them.

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