February 3, 2023

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Pope woke up one day with a download from god, telling him to name an equal female counterpart immediately?

He calls her in, an elder abbess. Together they declare a new doctrine: Deus Androgynous. The dictum points the way for 50% of all priests and cardinals worldwide to be female. The cardinals respond in a variety of ways.

Some accept this as ongoing revelation, some vow to leave the church, some rejoice and prepare to crown their sisters in divinity. The female laity celebrate, that they can now minister in the ways they were called to do. The women who have left the parishes begin to come back, bowing down to the first apostle, the #Magdalene, and to #Anne and to Mary the Mother of Jesus, and to all the sainted and martyred women, and to the witches and the healers that were killed, and a great grieving process begins.

The men also begin to weep, for the years they have missed their sisters, their wives, their mothers. The priests for the children they did not sire. Starting at the Oblates of the Virgin Mary in Boston, and spreading rapidly through earth, this rejoined whole begins to host circles that welcome back right relationship between the genders, and in doing so realizes its all a continuum, there is not pure gender.

The divine androgyne is alive in all of us: every man contains his mother and all of the daughters to come in his line. Every woman contains her father and all the sons to come in her line.

In this mutuality, a new respect comes: first for women and girl children, then for the blossoming of life which contains both natural birth and and natural death and all the sustaining beauty in between. Then for the tenderness in all humans, and the worthiness of all the animals. As the attunement to life grows larger, there is no longer a denial that sex is life. The bodies and hearts of all beings open and expand as the natural embodiment is embraced and no longer shamed. The polarity is restored for the billions of #Catholics worldwide, which is contagious in the communities they serve. The mystery and devotion are no longer at odds with lived experience and modern life.

#wishing #returnofthegoddess

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