Founder Letter: Authentic Connection

Dear Rose Woman community,

Thanks for your sweet notes after our Talk Shop Live debut last week. It’s so good to have your supportive energy!

For many years now, I have been anti-networking, a model of connecting which reduces people to transaction points or things. I prefer weaving relationship from authenticity and vulnerability. I like it when communities come together with their full offers and asks, their dreams and visions, and invite each other beyond the masks and common social protocols into their highest and most focused purpose.

I was part of a group like that this past weekend. Many people in attendence devote their life energy to things like emergency housing, alternative communities, clean energy, helping climate and conflict refugees, or even to changing mental health paradigms- and they are seeking allies and support in those endeavors. Many healers, musicians and artists, too. It was very encouraging (literally: to give heart!).

A good portion of the people this weekend were sitting with climate grief, and of course the grief of the seeming unending human propensity to violence. There was a general crying out in love for more reverence for the beauty of life and for this incredible planet we’ve been gifted to be part of. 

I think this is true: The culture of Eros, of the life giving principle, always wins over cultures of death. Life wants itself. It keeps going. Motherhood (and I mean that in the broadest sense, not for humans only) can’t be stopped that easily. Life will find a way.

So it’s Sunday night, I am that well-used kind of wrung out, and we are preparing the week. Lists and more lists, right? And always underneath it all is the great hum…the appreciation to be alive at all, compassion for everyone suffering in any way, awe at the green and growing world, and gratitude for the resilience of people to just keep going. To just love anyway.

We are holding for wisdom, care and restraint from further violence from all world leaders.

Have a great week, wishing you clarity in your purpose, daily actions that support that, and a lot of synchronicity and magic.


Christine Marie Mason

Founder, Rosebud Woman

Host The Rose Woman Podcast on Love and Liberation

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