Freedom to Think: Protecting Humanity’s Circle of Sharing. (Recording of Talk in Istanbul)

In Front of the Blue Mosque, Summer, 2009
In Front of the Blue Mosque, Summer, 2009

Freedom to Think. Protecting the Foundations of Social Media.

14 minute talk:

  • how the breadth and velocity of idea sharing evolves human societies
  • how the freedom to share ideas is a fundamental human right
  • the incredible potential of peer to peer information networks to accelerate change
  • why and how information and censorship have historically been used
  • why we’re are vulnerable right now to those who would prevent humanity’s right of free association and sharing
  • why and how to act to protect the foundations of this peer-to-peer revolution

If you want to support net neutrality, check out:

For more on universal human rights (note especially articles 18-20):

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