I had so much fun being on Zach Leary’s podcast last week- he wrote one very hard-to-live-up-to intro! Anyway, if you feel like hanging out with my kind of our there philosophy and ideas for an hour or so, voila- the link.

From the intro: “Our collective podcast audible journey collides head on with the dharmic brilliance of Christine Mason. She is a force of nature who dances her away through the multi-verse with ease, grace, wisdom and a whole lot of creation. Our conversation traversed many landscapes including technology, running companies and business, spiritual practice, refining ones dharma, how to create more compassionate working environments and a look at the state of yoga in the west. YES, we really did cover that much ground. Additionally, Christine shared with us her experience of how she re-adapted her life’s work based on a psychedelic spiritual experience that changed her life instantly.”