Christine Marie Mason and Christopher Tompkins at OmRising

I am at home in myself

“I am the sweet smile on your face when you discover home in yourself.
I am the intuitive whisper within you.
I am your truth.”
It’s such a joy to teach the timeless, life-affirming teachings of Tantra with Sanskrit and Yoga scholar Christopher Tompkins, like we did at Om Rising this year.  We have both found teachings and mantras to be a direct means to self-healing and deep transformation, especially “finding home in the self.” In this class, we examined this Shaivist text:

ahaṃ devo na cānyo’smi, brahmaivā’haṃ na śokabhāk | sac-cid-ānanda-rūpo’haṃ, nitya-mukta-svabhāvavān

which translates to:

“I am the divine. I am nothing else. I am not a receptacle for ignorance, for I am the highest alone. I am made of Being-Awareness-Bliss. My truest home is my highest Self, who is forever free.”

Finding home in yourself is an embodied, accessible tool for thriving in the challenges of everyday life, and for knowing, right now, the wonder and power that you are.

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