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Blessfest East 2022

Your Body, This Earth: A Savasana Meditation

Thank You, Blessfest It was such a pleasure to join with all of you in the Berkshires for such a connecting day! Adam and I are happy to offer you this 15 minute Savasana recording from the morning practice.  You can find more of Adam’s music here.   I’m on Instagram, and please subscribe to my letters on love and power below to stay updated on

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I live on the world’s most hazardous volcano.

I live on the world’s most hazardous volcano in fact. This short story is about this experience. You can listen to it as a bedtime story, or just read. XO C I live on the world’s most hazardous volcano. This sounds more daring than it is. Most days, equatorial sun and warm rains grace her gentle slopes; her fertile mineral secretions double-bloom the avocado trees.

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announcing! the rose woman

the rose woman podcast begins! Hello! I’m so happy to be launching a  pod for Rosebud Woman! The. show, the rose woman, explores living liberated in a female body. I invite you into a weekly deep dive into how we can live with more freedom, impact and joy. On the show, I talks with a wide variety of experts and inspirers- from doctors to therapists,

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