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Transmission  A concurrent virus spread rapidly across the planet. Its symptoms included a sudden awareness of the interconnected nature of earth as habitat, supply chain, a unified organism. Infected people became conscious of how the things we thought of as unchangeable reality were just passive buy-ins to social agreements they didn’t like much anyway. They worked in quarantine, from home—where families and lovers cared for

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Connect Deeply

Meditation for My Beloved

This 9 minute meditation for a spouse, lover, partner or beloved is being released as a Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s meant to be used any time. It’s part of a prescription thought series: meditation, invocation and affirmative incantation. It’s best done laying down, for multiple days in a row. Here is the download, it’s free, just enter your email to receive a download link:

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you this wilderness

you this wilderness the pavement steams in the summer rain you dance barefoot with the earthworms and the silt night jasmine wending on the wind you float under the Milky Way naked in a geothermal hot pond far from the nearest streetlamp your strides plunge deep into the crusted snow the cold and ice sting your cheeks alive as Orcas, slow and deliberate, arc and

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