Join Us: Stop Sexual Health Censorship 

What is Intimacy Justice?

Last fall, many of you joined us at Sensing Woman, our 5-day event to benefit women’s health education and legislation- with 50 visual artists, musicians, and speakers. We discussed censorship, shame, maternal and sexual health, and more. One of our guests was Jackie Rotman, President of the Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ). She spoke eloquently on outrageous gender differences in what can be discussed and advertised online and also joined me on the podcast in an episode called “The Algorithm.” I mean, people…it’s not right that ads for men staying hard are unchallenged while support for breastfeeding, menopause, and endometriosis are regularly disapproved.

CIJ’s efforts resulted in a global policy change in favor of women’s health where Meta clarified its policies to say more categories are allowed – but in practice, Meta’s tech still rejects this content.

So, last week, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Mazie Hirono & Rep. Schiff wrote a public letter supporting CIJ’s recent legal complaint about Meta’s systemic censorship of information about women and people of underrepresented genders’ sexual health. The Center asks the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and change Meta’s practices.

Will you add your voice and sign this petition?

To more freedom, love, and knowledge for all people everywhere.

Christine and the Rosebud Woman team

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