Leigh Weinraub

Leigh Weinraub

About Leigh Weinraub:

Leigh Weinraub is the founder of Mind In Motion, a movement and lifestyle brand committed to helping people win on the court, field, office and in life. As an internationally acclaimed speaker, she views the world as a philosopher, thinks like a coach and executes like an athlete.

Finding expression, strength, peace and flow by smacking yellow fuzzy tennis balls as a kid, transformed Leigh into a junior tennis champion and led to her early career as an elite coach at Dartmouth and Northwestern. These years competing at the highest levels built a lifetime foundation for teaching motivation and the importance of building consistency of practice, human connection and energy management. Her deep commitment to helping others reach their personal best is a hallmark of her career and has given her unique voice resonance in an era when authenticity is the defining characteristic of achievement. No one leaves a session with Leigh without a charge of clarity and a roadmap to achieving results.

Guided by a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University, Leigh developed a revolutionary approach to help people access their potential for greatness. Leigh pioneered Walk-and-Talk Therapy with the belief that there were more effective ways to help clients than on a couch. This unique methodology became Mind In Motion and, today, she inspires thousands of individuals and organizations delivering keynotes, interactive workshops and private walk-and-talk sessions. Working with organizations, including YPO, NIKE, NBC, UPS, Canyon Ranch, John Deere, Deloitte, Army West Point, Walmart, and Verizon.


  • Changing Beliefs
  • Enchantment
  • Inviting the Genius
  • Slowing Down
  • Triggers
  • Self-Coaching
  • Enoughness

Helpful Links:


Victor Frankl

Mind in Motion Clothing

Zen Buddhism (Tertons) (Tertons reach across time space to recover termas, kind of easter egg spiritual texts whose time has come ripe) 

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