Life Comes First

Life Comes First

Life comes first.

In Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Life comes first.

So called “Liberties” that threaten the lives of others, or threaten the ability for others to be free or to pursue happiness (gun boners and hate speech among them), must give way and defer to the primary value: Life.

Life wins when there is healthcare for all.
Life wins when the planet has a voice in all decisions.
Life wins when all people can express and be recognized for their gifts without prejudice.
Life wins when the feminine and masculine are in equal power.
Life wins when we live in balance.
Life wins when we learn nonviolence.
Life is honored by a reverence for death and loss.

We make a culture of life when we say no to war, to weaponry, to hate and division. We make a culture of life when we put ecology over money, and relationship over status.

The #righttolive#righttolife#righttoassemble without fear of the bigoted, armed minority bringing their pathologies forward, is a higher good, and a higher value for the nation and the world.

If the democratic party had any branding skill whatsoever, it would become the party of life, which is resonant with the values of the majority of the base. Before 2018.



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