Look at you being so stunningly beautiful.

Look at you being so stunningly beautiful.

I am a mobile element in the ecosystem shuttling energy and ideas around, pollinating and redistributing.

In tribal times humans as omnivores protected ecosystems from overpopulation by eating what was abundant, we protected landscapes from fire by using brush, we were in communion, not dominion. As if we could control it anyway.

We are wired to find the landscapes of favorable habitats beautiful, and even in the unfavorable ones we can see the poignant truth that they are favorable to someone, even if that someone is a new coconut or a lichen or a prickly thing that can hold its own while we seek cover from the storms.

Humans belong as earth, are made of earth, are made of water and minerals and chemicals, hosts to a biome the same as the biome of earth. Humans aren’t a virus, just out of right relationship. If we can’t feel ourselves, and the rest of nature, we will act without sensitivity, in deeply damaging ways. All separation comes from this numbing and contracting and not feeling or perceiving accurately. Only in separation can we do harm.

The entire original meaning of sin isn’t that you’re bad but that you are without connection to spirit, that you are separate, and only in that misconception can there be envy and greed and gluttony etc….

The best thing we can do is relearn our unity, to increase our capacity to feel, to hold sensation, to tune into our emotions our bodies or energies and tune into others including yes the palm and the soil and the water and the animals and feel that too. To clear the traumas that stand in the way of our clearseeing.

In this attunement, we are rendered incapable of harming, we are restored to belonging.

Loving this world, this life, right now. Telling creation how beautiful she is.

#ahimsa#subjectnotobject Panoramas from traipsing earth as part of the #gaiasphere

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