Love, Liberation, And Sensual Energy With Christine Marie Mason (Season 2 | Episode 84) on the Open Nesters, 9.15.2022


[Tessa] Our third entry in this Sensuality, Sexuality and Aging Month on The Open Nesters Podcast.

We have a truly remarkable guest this week. Christine Marie Mason is the Founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman. This luxury intimate skincare company makes sustainable, plant-based products to support all the stages of a women’s sensual, sexual and reproductive life with a starting focus on perimenopause and menopause. Christine formulated and conceived the products, crafted the brand and brand voice, hired the core team, and innovated a new category in intimate wellness. The company reached a million dollars in sales in its first year.

Since its founding in 2017, sales have doubled every year with customers in all 50 states in US and distribution in Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and clean beauty outlets in the US, Canada, and Australia. A TK percent of profits from the sale of Rosebud products goes into the company’s Reverence Fund, which supports human rights, women’s rights, and environmental activism. Christine also hosts a weekly podcast called The Rosewoman Podcast. The pod focuses on conversations with a wide variety of experts and inspirers – from doctors to therapists, artists to founders – to help all of us know and love our bodies more and discover more freedom, joy, and power in our lives.


“The Art Project” SENSING WOMAN 2022

Among the many things that you will learn about in this remarkable episode is about an art show that celebrates female sensual energy that Christine Marie Mason is doing with a host of outstanding female artists. It is an event that will be held in New York this September 2022. And, good news for us all, it is streaming online as well. You can learn all about it here: Sensing Woman




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