In San Francisco this morning, as the US Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriage legal exploded across Social Media, you can feel the whole city exhale the long-time sadness of so many people being unrecognized and marginalized or having to hide; exhaling the legacy of feel judged by their own damn country, where discrimination and hate have been up until now, falsely ennobled by law.

There is so much to heal, to awaken to, as humans. All artifacts of hate and separation are tied together. Racism, and bias on gender or sexual preference or class. All the ways that love is deprecated are the same. Maybe because it’s the same week as ‪#‎Charleston‬, such a horrible reminder of our divisions, hatreds, injustices, lingering prejudices and the long arc of race violence, the news from SCOTUS feels so powerful and poignant. ONE THING signalling that we are making steps towards ‪#‎love‬, ‪#‎connection‬, ‪#‎unity‬, ‪#‎justice‬, ‪#‎wholeness‬.

All heads bowed to everyone who was every killed, denied the love of their church, family or community; denied employment, healthcare, property rights; spat upon or given the stink eye for their freaking preference in loving. The ruling is not a courageous or bold act by SCOTUS. They are simplt validating what decades of activism and small wins by individuals and organizations have made possible. You are the change. YOU in every small act for love and justice are the change.

I am weeping. I want this on race. I want this between nations. I want this in my relationships. I want love to win over division ALL THE TIME.