Making Meaning & Mission (Talk & Discussion Prompts)

In October I did a talk on Making Meaning & Mission, which is shared here as an audio file.

You may also want to try the prompts we used in small groups in your group of inquiring friends:

  • Where do you derive meaning? What matters to you most?
  • What desires are underneath the things you do in the world?
  • What problems in the world are you attracted to working on?
  • What problems have you been able to see, or have insight into, due to your unique life circumstance- how has your life experience itself prepared you to serve?
  • Where are your deepest values and actions aligned now, where do you want more alignment?
  • Where are you acting on someone else’s (culture, parents) values, not your own?
  • If you are living your purpose, how did you arrive in that place? What can other people learn from you?

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