Healing the Maternal Line: Practices for Freedom

Thank you for your interest in healing the maternal or ancestral line.

It’s an immense personal step to take to decide to forgive your lineage, to choose empathy, and to own the outcomes of your life no matter the beginning you were served up. It’s empowering to choose unconditional love, and will change to your experience of life.  Sometimes, it takes some practices, rituals and blessings to aid this opening. That’s what this class is.

This is a one hour version of a 3 hour interactive program. The one hour version is offered free of charge. If you want to do it live, with more interactivity, check out Christine’s upcoming events and register.

To prepare for this, wear clothes to move in, and have a journal and writing instrument ready. Stop and start the practices as needed. 

Thank you, and enjoy this work.

Filmed at New Earth Mandala, Big Island of Hawai’i, in May of 2020.

Some Principles of Ancestral Healing

  • Time Space
  • Hellinger Work
  • Agent or Victim?
  • The Power of Forgiveness

Ancestor Prostration Practice

  • Creating the Blessing Mandala
  • Receiving Beyond the Self Alone
  • The Prostration Form- Here is it done 9 times (Suggested to do daily for 30 days, 54 or 108 times)

Radical Empathy Meditation

  • Radical Empathy
  • Ladder of Forgiveness

Jai Ma: Going Through the Embodied Mother

  • Chant from www.IamAdamBauer.com
  • Response and Blessing
  • “I’ll Take it From Here”
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