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Thank you for joining us to celebrate the launch of the book. We are grateful to our friends and allies for lending their time and talents to the event, to give a taste of what might be shifted in just a few moments. If you are interested in the prostration practice Ros mentions, it’s contained in this program, in the second video.  

Timings and Presenter Contacts: 

Host: Lotus Sattva IG @lotussattva

0:00 to 1:40, Invocation, *Rev. Dr. Jackie Thompson Twitter: @ReverendJackie.

1:41 to 8:23 Welcome and backstory with *Christine Marie Mason IG @xtinemmm AND. *Jeff Greenwald IG @therealjeffgreenwald

8:23 to 17:40/The Gift of Music, *Anandra George, Voice Heart of Sound IG

17:40 to 28:45/The Gift of Creativity with *Colleen Shelley, Graphic Designer @ColleenBrea and *Sammy Kimura, Painter @SammyKimura

31:14 to 39:29/ The Gift of the Body, Dance with Farshid Farrahi  @Farsheed_Alchemist_MD, Open Floor Alchemy

40:42 to 48:15/The Gift of the Breath, with Rosalind Atkinson, Coauthor of #GodandSex IG @rosalind.lucy @heartofyoga 

49:10 to 55:54/The Gift of Attention with *Colin Sheperd Cook  @ColinCook7529

57:23 to 1:07:34/The Gift of Mystery with *Ehulani Stephany

1:07:37/ The Gift of Service with Jeff

1:13;34 to 1:14:11/ The Gift of Nature, Daniel Fox, Feel The Wild, IG @TheWildImage

1:23:34 to 1;30:18/The Gift of the Body, Touch, *Tressa Yonekawa Bundren, IG @ThatGoddessLife

1:30:22 to 1:42:25 /The Gift of Stillness, John Shiva IG @JohnShiva777 @Sundari_on_Hawaii  music from *Timothy Van Diest, @Tvandiest, Vox Solfeggio Album, Featuring Wendy Rule:

*also in The Nine Gifts book

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