Christine Marie Mason on The Weave

One Light, All Light: Christine Featured in The Weave, September, 2022

From Barbara Lima, Editor in Chief of The Weave. 

“We had the honour to have Christine Marie Mason inaugurate our Individual ecosystem by sharing her trauma-healing expertise and showing us how individual traumas become collective traumas–and how healing is also collective.

In her article “One Light, All Light: Basic Principles of Collective Trauma, Healing and Expansion”, Christine explores the impact of current Earth systems that live inside of us on regenerative communities–and how different types of trauma are experienced and healed.

“The good news is that there remains a part of us that was never affected by the trauma; a part of us that strives towards growth in the same way that plants turn towards sunlight.”

Christine builds bridges between cultures. She invested three decades in starting, growing and selling companies while raising a big family, training and teaching yoga and philosophy, trauma healing and embodied sexuality.

She has spoken or taught at hundreds of conferences and written 8 books on connection, meaning, activism and healing modalities.

She is the founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman, a multimillion-dollar intimate wellness company, the host of The Rose Woman Podcast on Love and Liberation, and the cofounder of Sundari Gardens, an eco-village and community centre in Hawaii.

Her most recent book, Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life, was released in December 2021.

Read Christine’s article on page 20 of our first issue.”

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