Orgasmic Birth and Lifelong Sexuality With Debra Pascali Bonaro and Logan Levkoff, facilitated by Alie Ward

Today, we continue on sharing with you different live talks from the Sensing Woman 2022: A multisensory event that took place at C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York City last month.

Next in this series is about sexuality and birthing. This panel is led by Emmy Award-winning science correspondent, host of Ologies, Alie Ward together with Dr. Logan Levkoff and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Our guest speakers are all about promoting honest conversations that sexuality is a part of us from birth. We will also be introduced to the Orgasmic Birth, but what does that even mean, and why is it helpful to the whole birthing process?

Listen to this very informative and entertaining episode, then share your thoughts with Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Revised Meta Policy
  • Pleasure and Health Connection
  • When does sexuality start for a person?
  • The biggest bombshell we learn about sexuality
  • Transition to parenthood
  • What is #OrgasmicBirth?How to find pleasure during labor
  • Effects of orgasmic birth on the baby
  • Trauma and body response
  • Stigmas, conversations on sexuality and sex education

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Alie Ward – Emmy Award-winning science correspondent, host of Ologies, host of CBS’ Innovation Nation, host of Did I Mention Invention?, and tireless advocate for the delights of knowing Science. Instagram @alieward @ologies, Facebook @helloalieward

Dr. Logan Levkoff –  Dr. Levkoff is an internationally recognized expert on sexuality, parenting, and intimacy. Instagram @LoganLevkoff, Twitter @loganlevkoff, Facebook @drloganlevkoff

Debra Pascali-Bonaro – A speaker, author, podcast host and filmmaker, Director of the award-winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret.  Instagram @orgamicbirth, Facebook @obirth

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